At the Core of our Identity is a Dream.

At the Core of our Identity is a Dream.

This is a dream of connecting businesses with opportunity, defining the amazing possibilities and giving every SME a chance at growth. Our presence is enabled by an abiding need to retell the story of businesses in Africa.

We believe,

more than anything else, that it is possible to do business in Africa and succeed at it. Matter of fact, this belief is held by several thousands of Africans and it is the reason why entrepreneurship has emerged as a potent cure for the high levels of unemployment on the continent.

With the influx of entrepreneurship, however, is a real need to understand that SMEs require opportunity and resources that enable their growth. From access to capital to flexibility in the supply chain and deliverables, there is constant friction between accessibility and availability. Perhaps, it is because the story hasn't been told so well.

The Dreambridge approach

is an all-encompassing network that emphasizes on providing the opportunities SMEs need and reshaping the narrative and stories of these SMEs. These stories, like our dream, is the African identity - the Dreambridge identity.

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